There are 3 things to check

Press the WHITE button to navigate between screens.


1) Make sure you are viewing the active step count screen. Press WHITE button until you see the word step at the top left of the screen and the clock below the line. That is your active day's step count screen.

2) Your SC 3D Pedometer has a false start monitor. It will start counting steps after 8 consecutive steps have been taken. Starting the count at 9 forward. This is to avoid counting phantom steps. For example, if you are walking around your house, you are likely to have frequent stops and not always arrive at 8+ steps. We recommend taking 12 steps before checking your Pedometer.

3) The built-in clock can play a part in erasing steps. The pedometer is programmed to reset all counts at midnight daily. If the clock on your pedometer is setup with AM/PM reversed, this resetting function could be triggered at noon instead. Your Pedometer will display either an "AM" or "PM" beside the clock at the bottom of the screen when set in a 12Hr clock format. Otherwise if it were set to a 24Hr clock format it would display 13:00 instead of 1PM. If you are unsure, you can check how to set your clock.


You can follow the instructions below or:

  1. Download a large print comprehensive product manual including a troubleshooting section.

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