Understanding the sequence of screens to view your recorded Activity Data

Press the WHITE button to navigate between screens.


  1. The Step Screen shows the total amount of steps the pedometer has captured
  2. The Mile Screen shows you the mileage the pedometer has recorded
  3. The Kcal Screen shows you an estimate of the number of calories burned
  4. The Time Screen shows you the total activity time
  5. The Active Total Screen automatically cycles between all data counts every 2 seconds, showing you all time totals since the pedometer was activated. This is particularly useful when you are trying to achieve a long term goal or using it for team competitions at work or in a social setting.
  6. The Memory Log Screen shows you past day's performance across all data counts and automatically cycles to the next every 2 seconds. It will hold the past 30 days in memory and you can view them by date.  Press the BOTTOM button to view previous dates.

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For help with your Pedometer setup, you can Watch a Video or Download the comprehensive product manual including a Troubleshooting section.

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