4 Things to Check: 

1) Are you Viewing the Active Step Count Screen? Click the WHITE button to navigate between screens, until you see the word step on the bottom right corner. 

This is the Active Step screen.

2) Is the Step Sensor Paused? 
Is a little person on the left side of the screen? If not, the step sensor is paused. 
To resume counting steps, Hold down the MODE button on the step screen until you see the little person return to the left side of the screen.

To activate Pause mode - Hold down the MODE button while on the step screen until the little person on the left of the screen disappears. Sometimes this can be inadvertently triggered if you were to lean against something. To prevent this, you can change the placement of the pedometer or keep the pedometer on the clock screen.

3) Are you walking more than 15 Steps in a row? There is a false start monitor which doesn't start counting steps until 15 in a row have been taken. 

This avoids counting phantom steps. We recommend taking 20 steps before checking your Pedometer.

4) Are your steps being erased due to an incorrect time on the Clock? The built-in clock can erase steps. All counts are reset at midnight. If the clock is set incorrectly this reset function could trigger at the wrong time. See how to set the clock.

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