TO Set your Weight / Stride Length you need to be on the Step Screen

Click the MODE button until you see the Clock, click MODE once more for Step Screen
(Only required if tracking Calories & Distance)

  1. If 30 seconds elapses without a button press, the pedometer will exit the setting sequence
  2. Programming sequence runs forward only, if a mistake is made, you can easily restart programming
  3. Find stride length here:

  • PRESS & HOLD SET button – ADJ Flashes on screen
  • RELEASE SET Button when UNIt flashes
  • PRESS MODE button for Miles or PRESS RESET to toggle to Kilometers, then PRESS MODE
  • PRESS RESET button to advance Weight to correct weight
    (Set weight as low as 44 Lbs./20Kg. by cycling past the max. of 441Lbs./200Kg.)
  • PRESS MODE button to save weight
  • PRESS RESET button to advance Stride Length
    (Set stride as low as 12"/20cm. by cycling past the max. of 71"/180cm)
  • PRESS SET to Save and Exit


Congratulations Weight & Stride Setup are Complete

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Weight Setting Range 

Imperial: Range from 44 Lbs. ~ 441 Lbs.

Metric: Range from 20 Kg. - 200 Kg.

Default weight: 110 Lbs. / 50 Kg.

Stride Setting Range 

Imperial: Range from 12 inch ~ 71 inch

Metric: Range from 30 cm ~ 180 cm

Default stride: 20 inch / 50cm