Step 1: Calculate Stride Length 

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Calculate your stride length and make note of it. You will need it once we start Step 2; Programming the C3D Pedometer.

The C3D Pedometer will exit the programming mode if 10 seconds pass without a button press. If you make mistake or it exits the programming mode, you can simply restart programming.

Distance inaccurate? Adjust pedometer stride length by 3-5” to increase the distance or decrease by 3-5” to decrease distance. After a couple of adjustments it will be very accurate.

Step 2: Programming the C3D Pedometer

  • Press MODE until you see on the top of screen

  • PRESS & HOLD SET until the display shows the icon SETUP and the digits start to blink

  • PRESS SET to save clock format and enter clock setting mode

  • PRESS SET to save hour and adjust minutes

  • PRESS SET to save minutes and choose unit of measurement

  • PRESS SET to save units and enter stride setting mode
  • PRESS SET to save stride and enter weight setting mode
  • PRESS SET to save weight and enter step target mode
  • PRESS SET to save daily step target.

Congratulations your C3D pedometer stride length has been adjusted!

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