To eliminate phantom steps, the C3D Pedometer will start counting after 10 consecutive steps or more are detected.

For example, if you walk 15 steps, the count will start at 10 and add 5 more steps, the total count will show 15 steps. Whereas, if you were to walk 5 steps then stop, the pedometer would not reach the 10 step minimum and as a result wouldn't start the count. 

The built-in clock can play a part in erasing steps. The pedometer is programmed to reset all counts at midnight daily. If the clock on your pedometer is setup with AM/PM reversed, this resetting function could be triggered at noon instead. Your Pedometer will only display PM for the afternoon hours beside the clock at the bottom of the screen when set in a 12Hr clock format. Otherwise if it were set to a 24Hr clock format it would display 13:00 instead of 1PM.

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