Instructions to Setup the C3D Pedometer

Your Step by Step Guide

  • Step 1: Activate your C3D Pedometer
  • Step 2: Calculate your Stride Length (before programming pedometer)
  • Step 3: Programming the C3D Pedometer

Step 1: Activate your Pedometer

Remove the battery insulator from the back of pedometer to activate

The LCD may show faint background digits. This is normal and will disappear when the battery drops to its normal operating voltage.

If LCD is showing abnormal characters or the screen freezes and/or step digits not counting, please do a reset.

Step 2: Calculate Stride Length 

Go to 

Calculate your stride length and make note of it. You will need it once we start Step 3; Programming your C3D Pedometer.

The C3D Pedometer will exit the programming mode if 10 seconds pass without a button press. If you make mistake or it exits the programming mode, you can simply restart programming.

When Clock format is set to 12H, the screen will only display PM, for AM hours, AM is not shown. 

Step 3: Programming the C3D Pedometer

  • Press MODE until you see on the top of screen

  • PRESS & HOLD SET until the display shows the icon SETUP and the digits start to blink

  • PRESS RESET to toggle 12H (PM) or 24H (13:00)

  • PRESS SET to save clock format and enter clock setting mode

  • PRESS MODE or RESET to adjust HOUR

  • PRESS SET to save hour and adjust minutes


  • PRESS SET to save minutes and choose unit of measurement

  • PRESS RESET  to toggle between IN (Imperial) or KG (Metric) units [see fig. 2a]

  • PRESS SET to save units and enter stride setting mode
  • PRESS SET to save stride and enter weight setting mode
  • PRESS MODE / RESET to adjust your body weight
  • PRESS SET to save weight and enter step target mode
  • PRESS MODE / RESET to set your daily step target in intervals of 1,000 steps. Less than 1,000 steps will be in intervals of 100s.
  • PRESS SET to save daily step target.

Congratulations your C3D pedometer is ready to go!

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