Click the WHITE button to navigate between screens, until you see the word Total near the top left of the screen and the number of days showing below the line, instead of the clock.

The Total Activity screen will show the totals of all data captured across all data points since the day you started using the SC 3D Pedometer.

The number below the line represents the total  number of days since you activated the Pedometer.

While on this screen, the data will automatically cycle between the different data points every 2 seconds (Step, Mile or KM, Kcal, Min) showing the totals captured since you started the pedometer. 

This can be a great encouragement when tracking towards a long term goal.

See how to completely reset all Data on the pedometer

The pedometer is designed to have the screen on all the time, it won't use any more power than a digital watch when idle. 

To advance from one screen to the next, press the WHITE button.

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