To track steps you must Activate the Step Sensor first. 

Begin Programming, with Pedometer on the Clock Screen.  
It shows Time in the top left corner of the screen

Click the WHITE button to navigate between screens.


* The programming sequence runs from start to finish, if you make a mistake on one of the settings, you can easily go back and change it later.

** If 30 seconds elapses without a button press, the pedometer will exit the setting sequence. Should that happen just follow the steps to start the programming sequence again.

*** You can find your stride length here: you are using  your pedometer to track distance it is best to know your stride length before starting. 

  • To set the clock you need to be viewing the Clock on your Pedometer
  • Press the "MODE" button until you see TIME in the upper left corner 
  • Press & HOLD “SET” button ADJ flashes when the HOUR flashes release the button
  • Press “RESET” to advance the HOUR
  • Press “MODE” to set minutes (minutes will flash)  
  • Press “RESET” to advance the minutes to desired time
  • Press “MODE” to move to seconds (seconds will flash)  
  • Press "RESET" to zero out seconds
  • Press “MODE” to set 12 or 24 hour clock mode. 
  • Press “RESET” to select  12 or 24 hour mode. When desired format is flashing
  • Press “MODE” to move back to hour (hour will flash)
  • Verify time is correct with A or P if using 12Hr clock format.
  • If not, Press "RESET" to advance the Hour to correct time.
  • Once correct time is showing, Press "SET" to save and exit.
Choose your clock format:


12Hr is the default and will have a clock with AM and PM

24Hr will show a clock with military time, it will show 13:00 hours instead of 1PM.

(Please note if you choose 24Hr format there won't be an A or P displayed)

Only tracking steps? After you set the clock, you can begin using your pedometer. 

Congratulations Clock Setup is Complete

Only tracking steps? You don't need to set your stride length or weight. You can stop here and begin using your Pedometer. 

Make sure your step sensor is active, if you don't see a little person on the bottom left of the screen, go activate step sensor.

Want to track Distance (Miles / Km) and Calories burned, please proceed to set your Stride & Weight