The Distance screen will show you the distance you have traveled in either Miles or KM. 

You can easily change from Miles to KM and vice versa by pressing the SET button while on the distance screen. 

The SC2 Pedometer will toggle between the two on the fly.

If you don't see a person on the left of your screen, the step sensor is paused and the pedometer won't track your mileage. See how to activate step sensor.

Your stride length is the key setting when tracking distance. Sometimes it will need to be adjusted up or down slightly to have 

the pedometer return the distances you are expecting. Doing so, won't impact anything else other than the mileage calculation.

See how to set your stride length on the SC2 Pedometer.

The pedometer is designed to have the screen on all the time, it won't use any more power than a digital watch when idle. 

To advance from one screen to the next, press the MODE button.

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