You can restart the programming sequence to go back and change a value that you entered incorrectly, without loosing the data you are already saved correctly.

For example: Let's say you entered the incorrect day on the date. You could simply re-enter the programming sequence and go in and change just the day without changing any other values you had already entered correctly. See example below


Watch the video or view visual directions below.

Begin programming on the Step Screen

Click the WHITE button until you see the word ‘Step’ in the top left corner and the clock below the line. Just like you see in the image below.


  1. If 30 seconds elapses without a button press, the pedometer will exit the setting sequence.
  2. Programming sequence runs forward only, if a mistake is made, you can easily restart and change it.

The Clock

  • Start programming on the Step screen as shown above
  • PRESS & HOLD WHITE button, ADJ will Flash
  • Release WHITE button when you see 12Hr or 24Hr Flashing
  • PRESS WHITE Button to save
  • PRESS WHITE button to save Hour
  • PRESS WHITE button to save Minutes
  • PRESS WHITE button to save Seconds

Set the Date
If you are only tracking steps, place the pedometer on a table for 1 minute, after setting the year.
This will exit the programming sequence and then your pedometer is ready to use. 

  • PRESS BOTTOM button to advance Month to correct month
  • PRESS WHITE button to save
  • PRESS BOTTOM button to advance Day to correct day
  • PRESS WHITE button to save
  • PRESS BOTTOM button to advance Year to correct Year
  • PRESS WHITE button to save

Set Pedometer on table for 1 minute. It will exit the setting sequence and you are ready to go. 

Congratulations!! Your SC 3D Pedometer is all Setup and Ready to Go


Download a large print comprehensive product manual including a troubleshooting section.

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