It is easy to go back and change a setting if you wish.  While the pedometer's programming sequence moves only in the forward direction, meaning it goes from hour to minute etc. You can also restart the programming sequence to go back and change a value that you accidentally entered incorrectly, without loosing the data you are already saved correctly.

For example: Let's say you entered the incorrect day on the date. You could simply re-enter the programming sequence and go in and change just the day without changing any other values you had already entered correctly. See example below


Watch the video or view visual directions below.

Press the TOP button to navigate between screens.


* The programming sequence runs from start to finish, if you make a mistake on one of the settings, you can easily go back and change it later.

** If 30 seconds elapses without a button press, the pedometer will exit the setting sequence. Should that happen just follow the steps to start the programming sequence again.

*** You can find your stride length here: you are using  your pedometer to track distance it is best to know your stride length before programming. 

Begin Programming, with Pedometer on the Step Screen.  
It shows Step in top left of screen and the clock below the line as shown above.

Congratulations!! Your SC 3D Pedometer is all Setup and Ready to Go


Download a large print comprehensive product manual including a troubleshooting section.