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Your Pedometer can only be programmed from the Active Step screen. Press the TOP button to navigate between screens.


* The programming sequence runs from start to finish, if you make a mistake on one of the settings, you can easily go back and change it later.

** If 30 seconds elapses without a button press, the pedometer will exit the setting sequence. Should that happen just follow the steps to start the programming sequence again.

*** You can find your stride length here: you are using  your pedometer to track distance it is best to know your stride length before starting. 

Begin Programming, with Pedometer on the Step Screen. 
It shows Step in top left of screen and the clock below the line as shown above. 

Once you are on the Active step screen, you can then begin to program your pedometer by following the steps below.

Choose your time format:

12Hr is the default and will have a clock with AM and PM

24Hr will show a clock with military time, meaning it will show 13:00 hours instead of 1PM.

(Please note if you choose 24Hr format there won't be an AM or PM displayed)

Next set the time on the clock. Hour, Minutes, Seconds.

 Next set the date - Month, Day, Year. This is used for the Memory Log

If you are only going to track steps and aren't interested in using the Pedometer
for distance or calories burned, then you can stop programming after this setting the date. Just place the pedometer on a table for 1 minute and then it will be ready to go.

If you wish to continue don't place on table for 1 minute.

Next set your Stride Length and Weight.

 Select the unit of measurement 'I' for Inches or 'C' for Centimeters

I for Inches is the default

Input your stride Length

Input your weight

Next set your Daily Step Target 

TOP White button will save a value

BOTTOM button will advance a number, if you advance it too high, keep pressing the BOTTOM  button, it will cycle back around to zero and back up, so you can select the number you want.

Congratulations!! Your SC 3D Pedometer is all Setup and Ready to Go


Next go Watch a Video on using the Functions of your New Pedometer.