The pedometer is programmed to reset all step counts at midnight, so you wake up the next morning and start at zero again.

However, if you intentionally reverse the AM/PM setting on your clock, this resetting function could be triggered at noon instead. Allowing you to have a full night of step counts without interruption.

First you will need to decide whether you want the clock to display a traditional 12Hr format showing 1PM or the military time 24Hr format of 13:00. 

Follow the directions below to set either 12Hr or 24Hr clock format to your preference. 
Please note, that if the 24Hr format is chosen, your clock won't display AM or PM. In these cases it would show 13:00 instead of 1PM.

You can follow the links below for full setup guides:

  1. How to set the clock
  2. Download a large print comprehensive product manual including a troubleshooting section.